• The Options for Delivering Business Applications with SharePoint

    How can organisations use SharePoint effectively and appropriately to quickly deliver business applications? There is great potential to leverage SharePoint as a platform, but also a need for a carefully considered strategic approach. Get it right and you can quickly deliver value adding applications to your organisation. Get it wrong and you could end up with high costs, extended timescales, and on-going support challenges. Read this white paper to find out about the options and things you should be considering.

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    Business Applicataions Whitepaper
  • Publishing Applications in the Cloud with InfoPath Forms and Office 365

    We recently submitted an article to Microsoft Technet showing business users how to quickly create online applications using InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite. Readers can download the actual form by clicking the link below.

    Download the example form and instructions here

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    Infopath Form
  • Delivering Maximum Business Value With A SharePoint Based Application Strategy

    IT decision makers are under pressure to deliver more with fewer resources. At the same time, many are struggling to cope with a backlog of applications awaiting delivery. A strategic approach to the delivery of business applications is therefore required to help decision makers achieve their goals. This article explains why SharePoint 2010 should be seriously considered when defining an application strategy.

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    SharePoint Application Strategy
  • The Business Applications Deficit – PointBeyond’s Application Strategy Survey 2011

    This whitepaper highlights ‘The Applications Deficit’ and its causes. Research led and technology neutral, it concentrates on the business concerns, constraints and issues that surround the delivery of business applications, and provides recommendations for the future.

    “Successful, well organised businesses that think and act strategically will engage most effectively with new technologies to deliver better applications more quickly and at lower cost.”

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    Business Applications Deficit
  • Three Ways Building Societies can use Microsoft SharePoint: Find, Share and Manage Society Information using SharePoint

    Microsoft SharePoint is, at a fundamental level, a software product that allows organisations to manage documents, information, and business activities. It has many different capabilities, so knowing how to get the most from it, and where to start can be a challenge. The article also discusses how societies can implement SharePoint in the most cost effective manner, and briefly reviews other potential uses of SharePoint.

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    SharePoint for Building Societies